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About DeWolf Experiences

The Start of a Marvelous Journey

DeWolf Food & Wine Experiences is a food and wine travel and event business.  As a business we focus on the inherent pleasure food and wine experiences brings to our lives. Food and drink bind us together as a society and their exploration provides us not only pleasure but can give us insights on the people that make them, and the culture of the places they are made in.  It’s this passion for exploration that drives the business.

The company is owned and operated by Mark DeWolf.  Mark has been a fixture in the Canadian food and wine scene for more than 20 years.  Mark began his journey working in craft beer, before migrating to the restaurant and wine world eventually becoming a sommelier in 2001 while working alongside Chef Michael Smith.  An opportunity to work as an editor for a large on-line wine publication eventually led to various editorial roles.  At this time Mark also began sharing his knowledge and love of food, wine, and travel in person with others.  A local wine tour company morphed into an international food and wine experience business, which has hosted more than 50 trips to 10 countries and more than 20 wine regions, and the curation of numerous food and wine events, large and small.  All the while Mark has taught sommelier certification courses and has been an active member of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers, spending a number of years as the organization’s national president, before starting work as Content Manager for the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, the world’s only global sommelier association.  Over the years Mark has built valued connections with sommeliers, winemakers, and restaurateurs around the world. Allowing him to curate food and wine experiences on both sides of the Atlantic that are focused on the exploration of food, drink and culture in a welcoming, convivial, unpretentious, unrushed atmosphere.  After all its not only great wine that needs time to breath.

Upcoming Tours:

Taste of Greece, June 2023- Sold Out

Taste of Amalfi - June  2024

Taste of Rhone & Provence- November 2024

Curated Tours Options:

A Taste of Ecuador & Peru

A Taste of Slovenia

A Taste of Croatia

A Taste of Sicily

A Taste of South Africa

A Taste of Tuscany

A Taste of Bordeaux

Plus many more…..

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